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    Company Principles

    We are reliable and sincere partner and we believe in creativity and innovations.

    For our customers, we are constantly working with them, relentlessly in search for better solutions with highest quality at fair prices.

    We create an environment for our staff to excel, exercise their creativity, productivity and most importantly, thinking employees. Over the years, we continued to foster these relationships, thus building a better trust and understanding amongst us.

    We produce and behave ecological and use environmental friendly technologies. We take care to our natural and financial resources. We make economical use of raw materials and energy. Whenever possible we reduce emissions and immissions and we recycle material.

    If necessary, we do undertake enterprising risks.

    Our business generates a steady and profitable growth.

    History of KRELUS

    Foundation of KRELUS AG by Peter Krebser and Bernhard Lüscher. Rental of a shack in Hirschthal. Manufacture of various products including infra-red heaters.

    Acquisition of the plot complete with the shack, also including a residential house con-structed in 1875 and additional land for expansion. Modification of the house into an office building. Focus of manufacture on fast medium-wave IR heaters, as well as the corresponding controls.

    Acquisition of a newly constructed production building in Hirschthal with approx. 1,200 m2 of production space.

    Bernhard Lüscher acquires the shares belonging to Peter Krebser and therefore becomes sole proprietor of KRELUS AG.

    Management buy-out by the then managing director, Hans U. Jordi, and his deputy Rolf Lüscher, strengthened by the new partner Werner Hauri. Establishment of a buyer holding company “IR-Solutions Holding AG” with a share capital of CHF 1.5 million. This holding company acquires 100% of KRELUS AG from Bernhard Lüscher.

    Relocation of the operation to Ausserfeldstrasse 14 in Oberentfelden, due to a lack of space for further expansion. Rental of premises belonging to OctoImmo AG, a property business of the Krelus shareholders (Hauri, Jordi, Lüscher).

    Merger of the investment holding company (IR-Solutions Holding AG) with KRELUS AG.


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